Your Modern Legal Solution

In today’s legal proceedings, electronic evidence is crucial in presenting facts to lawyers, juries and Judges. Helping explain and show the evidence during a trial or motion hearing can be essential to the outcome of your case. MWV will assist you throughout the entirety of your case to ensure that no piece of electronic or digital evidence is overlooked. Exploring options such as: GPS locations, social media pages and electronic communications between not only clients and potential victims, but potential witnesses too.


Computer (digital) Forensics

Mountains of data is stored on personal and business computer systems. At MWV we conduct forensic examination on Windows based and Apple iOS based computer desktops and laptops. The data contained on these systems can include: stored files (documents, pictures, etc.), access to files and folders (dates and times), electronic-mail files (locally stored and web-based), search history (i.e. Google or Bing), social media sites, internet history, chat files (i.e. Facebook, iOS chats, etc.) and much more. A full-service Digital Forensic Firm, MWV conducts full preservation and examination procedures.


As a full-service Digital Forensic Firm, MWV conducts full preservation and examination procedures:

  • Evidence Chain of Custody
  • Best Forensic Practices pertaining to electronic evidence
  • Hard Drive Forensic Imaging (on-site available)
  • Secure Storage of Evidence
  • Evidence Write-Blocking
  • Forensic Examinations using forensic software suites used by Government Agencies
  • Full Forensic Report(s)
  • Expert Testimony

cellular (mobile) forensics

Today’s cellular devices (smartphones) are FIRST personal computers and SECOND telephones. Much like the forensic examination on computer systems, cellular devices store much of the same information.