MWV Multi-Media Forensic Investigative Services, Inc. works hand in hand with an Attorney throughout their entire case to ensure that no evidence is overlooked, and ensures the evidence needed by the defense is presented properly at trial!


Attorney frank camera, fall river, ma

I have used Steve Verronneau on many of my cases. Whether it is to review certain evidence or to testify at trial, he is amazing at his craft and his craft and his guidance and support is second to none. I would, without hesitation, recommend Multi-Media to anyone.      07/12/2018


Attorney liam scully, Boston, ma

Whenever my law firm needs expert assistance with media and tech issues we turn to MWV who provide excellent service and are a pleasure to work with.     06/08/2018


attorney j.w. carney, jr., boston, ma

I highly recommend Steve Verronneau. He is very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise, and is always a pleasure to work with on a case.    06/07/2018


attorney edward hayden, lynn, ma

Any time I have media evidence in a case my first call is to Multi Media Forensics. They have always come through for me with something I can use at trial. It is a comforting feeling in this high stress business to know that I have the professionals at Multi Media in my corner.    01/15/2016


Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis, boston, ma

I have used Multi Media Forensics for a number of cases, and most recently for a homicide trial this past month where cell phone forensics was critical to the prosecution and defense.  I've worked with plenty of forensic technology experts in the past, but none others since I discovered these guys.  Mike and Steve not only do an amazing job in explaining and simplifying the complex forensic issues, but also assisted me in preparing visual diagrams of that evidence to both counter the prosecution's case and corroborate the defense theory.  In addition, their examination of the cell phone evidence led to a critical discovery for the defense of information that was relied heavily in the defense.   Their assistance, guidance and support prior to and throughout the trial weighed heavily in the defendant obtaining a NOT GUILTY verdict on murder charges!  Thank you!     10/16/2014